Sham Food is a leading company in the field of canned meat industry (luncheon meat).It is a major heading for this industry in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Sham Food Company was established in 2006 in Syria and has gained international fame in... view more

    Stand : D 199


    SHAHBA FACTORY FOR PLASTIC AND PACKAGING is one of the companies of ALABUO GROUP, it specializes in shopping bags, organic bags, transparent bags, Garbage Bags and eco bags.... view more

    Stand : A-909


    Al Awrad is a group of Iraqi companies established by Iraqi businessmen 40 years ago. These companies are run in Iraq and across all its suburbs. It is known for trading in agricultural materials all without exception, from seeds, fertilizers, and he... view more

    Stand : C-1021


    Headquartered in Turkey, globally recognized, with 30 years of experience in the poultry industry and decades worth of deep know-how, Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment is well-known and prestigious company serving over 30 countries.... view more

    Stand : B-1010


    We have been working in the packaging industry in Iraq for the last 15 years and in 2018 decided to put a footprint close to Hilla. We offer PET preforms, closures, and sheets. Our manufacturing of PET products is of the highest quality. And we are c... view more

    Stand : A-174


    Headquartered in Erbil, Iraq, ALSANEH COMPANY speacilizes in packaging products.... view more

    Stand : D-365


    Nejati Industrial Group (ANATA) Company has been accounted as for one of the largest producer companies in confectionery and chocolate products in IRAN and the Middle East region. ... view more

    Stand : D-811


    Apadan Plast Company stablished to print various packaging wrappers using the technology of the European (Italy, England and Germany). Apadan Plast provides customers pre-printed services including designing and cylinder making. Apaden Plast’s pos... view more

    Stand : IRAN PAV 462A


    Established in 2010; ARD AL MUTAKHSISA Specializes in the distribution, marketing, and supply of the finest Arab and international meats.... view more

    Stand : D-361


    Based in Kirkuk, Iraq, ARDELHEMMA specializes in Packaging Machines... view more

    Stand : A-175